marek c

Hello! I'm Marek.

I like to learn, I like to comprehend, I like to eat up information and spit it back out again. I like moving my body to rhythmic music in states of pure joy and freedom. I like being still, feeling the weight of the universe pouring out of abstract sound. I like peering into utter humanity on screens and physical materials. I like creating stuff. I like to be in awe of created stuff.

I appreciate compassion, creativity, clarity, curiousity, confidence, and courage. I appreciate crafters, soundmakers, wordsmiths, and artists of all disciplines. I appreciate every bit of effort made towards dismantling oppressive and abusive power structures. I appreciate the folks that empathize and humanize.

I am a software developer by trade, but I also am a musician, artist, writer, improviser, and body made of meat, poetry, and stardust. I have goals and aspirations, but also follow inspirations as they come and go through each moment.

Some pages of interest:

Bandcamp (music I've bought)
Letterboxd (films I've seen) (music I listen to)
Discogs (LPs/tapes I've bought)

Some pages where I upload creative stuff:

Bandcamp (my *future* albums)
YouTube (my videos)
SoundCloud (individual songs)
GitHub (my code)
Instagram (my creative progress)
My blog (my *future* writings)